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rule of 3's - If there's one vital thing I learned in public speaking class, is to fully utilize the rule of 3's technique in your speech writing. Three is considered the magic number and is known to emphasize words (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit; the good the bad and the ugly; friends, Romans, countrymen). So this tag is dedicated to keeping true to the rule of 3's in my writing.

journalling - A look into my day to day life, inside of my thoughts and deepest part of my mind, cover to cover. If you want a window into my creative and emotional outlet, check out my journaling posts.

coming of age - the entire point of this blog was to track my life experiences and see how I am developing as a person and doing what I want to do. See how I'm dealing with new experiences and what I'm accomplishing along the way.

freeze frame -  *pause, record scratch, rewind, freeze frame* "You're probably wondering how I ended up here" Check out these posts where I narrate a snapshot memory of my life. Many of them are ironic, entertaining times when something ridiculous happened and I just wanted to look into a camera like if I were on The Office. But some of them are meaningful stories of times I want to remember.

word lists - Something I picked up so I could try to improve my vocabulary. Check out my lists, maybe we'll learn something new together!

currently - Complete collection of posts where I talk about what I'm currently playing, reading, watching, and listening to.

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