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Welcome to my plan.

(sorry in advance for the omittance of capitals)

the blogger
I’m Rachel, but staying true to what my 2 friends say, you can call me Rach. I also like to refer to myself as a female monolith. Whatever rolls off the tongue. I’m a high school student eager to graduate, right handed and have an extensive collection of pins and patches. I hope that’s enough important info about me. If not, keep reading.

On any given day that I’m not at school or working I’m probably rewatching Princess and the Frog for the umpteenth time or reblogging Zootopia posts on Tumblr. I speak in fluent sarcasm and Beyonce lyrics.

Besides being an animation enthusiast and fanatical furry, I also have a passion for video games and journaling. Video games can vary from RPGs, simulations, MMOs, or first person shooters. And as animation mediums are concerned, I have binged all seasons of Regular Show and Family Guy, and am an active member of the Gravity Falls subreddit.

the blog
I can’t even express how much I love cartoons and game entertainment, but I guess you could get an idea from some of my blog posts.

And that’s why this blog is an extension of me. It used to be just a personal thing I did just to voice my passions since I know virtually no one in real life that shares all of my interests, but now I realize how easy and great it is connecting with other people online who just get you and your weird Adventure Time references.

The Rachel Plan is an e The Rachel Plan is a sanctuary of my mind, a vault of a safe haven of my personal commentary and a lazy reference to one of my favorite episodes of Regular Show. This ‘plan’ is a personal manifesto of what I want to make for myself, how I want to carry my life. In the episode ‘The Eileen Plan’, Eileen made it clear that she wanted to create the life she wanted, and took initiative to do that, so I decided to do the same thing with this blog. Whether it’s talking about my future or anything inbetween, this blog is the essence of me.

So that being said, when I become an acclaimed triple-A title game developer, or Technical Artist for Walt Disney Animation Studios, hopefully this blog will help me remember how I cultivated my greatness from a small beginning (shameless Uncharted reference). To get an inside look of what’s going on in my overly talkative head, here would be a good start.


cartoon network, disney animation, studio ghibli, smosh, the wolf among us, jake and amir, fables, regular show, the last of us, journaling, big cities, h&m, the sims, walking dead, art, concerts, nathan drake, riverdale, love letters, the painted nail emoji, overalls … etc.


If you want to see my observations in my day to day life, find me on twitter at @rachelombok, for all my up to date fandom activities my tumblr is rachelombok and my aesthetically complimenting posts can be found on my instagram page, rachelombok.

I’m also a staff writer for Sauquoit High School on mogul, so check out my page there, and you can also check out my Bloglovin’ page if you want.

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