Mr. Incredible and Mr. Fox

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Since school is about to end I’ve been doing my fair share of bingeing on nostalgic old animated movies from childhood. Last week I saw The Incredibles (in anticipation for the second installment after 10 years, gonna be LIT), and this weekend I finished watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was a big favorite of mine in elementary school. Rewatching both of these made me re-appreciate their stories and animation styles. But while looking at them closer, I saw that these two movies have a lot more in common than I realized before, that are pretty unique.

Both Mr. Incredible and Mr. Fox gave up their dangerous past occupations for the wellbeing of their families. Mr. Incredible was more or less forced to do so because of the scandalous controversy on whether or not superheroes actually helped or harmed the public, but he still gave up being super. Same with Fox. When he and his wife were trapped in the cage, worried about death creeping up on them, she made him promise that if they ever got out of there alive, that he would find a new line of work, because she was pregnant and wanted to keep their cub safe. So I guess he was a little forced too. This made both of them turn to different vocational paths that they were unhappy in for long periods of time. Bob, an insurance agent, and Foxxy, a writer for the newspaper.

Eventually, Mr. Fox and Mr. Incredible are pulled back into their old jobs by mysterious opportunities. They keep their secret endeavors from their wives and children and get the rush and high they had from when they did it back in the day. They’re able to get away with it for a while and get a kick out of it before their wives find them out.

Mrs. Incredible AKA Helen finds out when she calls her husband's hotel when she found his superhero suit suspiciously patched up in his man cave. The hotel says that he never checked in, and she makes the conclusion that he is living a double life and lying to her. She feels betrayed. Mrs. Fox felt the same way when she confronted Mr. Fox about him breaking his promise from when they were in the cage years ago.

From these climax points in the movies, both protagonist’s families come together to save them. Mr. Incredible’s wife and family help save him from Syndrome and save the city. Mr. Fox’s wife and hot-headed son also play big parts in saving the community from Bogus, Bunce and Bean.

This was a bit of a random post, but it was really bothering me for a while, I couldn’t believe how similar these two movies are. I wonder if I can find another film like this… 🤔

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