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Friday, March 24, 2017

Another creative writing prompt! For my Romeo and Juliet final Project in English, I decided to choose to make a mixed CD playlist for the play, for each song that fit the storyline and plot of the play. Each song explains a problem or event that happened, relating to the characters.
  1. Diary By Alicia Keys
Diary by Alicia Keys was written 10 years ago. It’s a slow R’N’B song, about how if someone you love has a secret they can't tell anyone else, they can depend on you to keep it, like a diary. This relates to Romeo and Juliet because when the two plan to get married and move away, they rely on Friar Lawrence to keep their secrets safe. they trust him to keep them safe and lock their secrets away, never to tell similar to a diary.

     2.) Fireproof by One Direction
Fireproof by One Direction was released last year, a slow tempo song about being invincible and in love with someone. The lyrics talk about “no one loving you the way I do” and “no one saves me the way you do”. It goes on to say that “we’re fireproof”. This applies to Romeo and Juliet because since the minute the two met, they were attracted to each other and 1were inseparable. They were believed to be destined to be together and that their love was ,fireproof’.

    3.) Happily by One Direction
Happily was a song by One Direction two years ago. It’s an upbeat pop song about two people being together happily. A lyric goes “I don't care what people say when we’re together”, which reminded me of the story. No matter what Romeo and Juliet heard or knew about each other and their family, they wanted to be together, because that’s what made them happy.

   4.) Heaven by Beyonce
Heaven by Beyonce is a slow piano song with deep ballads and message. In the song she sings about a loved one dying and going to heaven, too soon. “Heaven couldn't wait for you, so go on, go home.”. This reminds me of Romeo and Juliet because both love eachother very much but both died very young and were taken away from each other.

5.) If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys
If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys is another R’N’B song about how two people need each other. How those two people feel incomplete when they are not around each other. This relates to Romeo and Juliet because ever since the moment they meet, they want to be together regardless. They felt ‘incomplete’ without each other. This is obvious when Juliet asks Romeo to marry her, because she wants to be with him.

6.) Love by Keyshia Cole
Love by Keyshia Cole is a jazz song about love, obviously. In her song she sings “ I didn't know what I was missing, until we started kissing”. This reminds me of the Romeo and Juliet movie when they're in the elevator, kissing, but then get separated. They find love in their kiss something they both didn't have before.

7.) Love Story by Taylor Swift
Love Story by Taylor Swift was a popular song when it came out, and a very obvious choice for this assignment. Obviously, the song is about the Romeo and Juliet story and she described it perfectly. In the song, it tells about the family feud and the reason they can't be together. Both the song and storyline stress the separation of the two lovers. Even though Taylor's song had a different ending, the message is still there.

8.) Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Somewhere Only We Know is an indie song by the band Keane. In the song it talks about when two people are separated and need to escape with each other, they can go to a place only they know. This reminds me of when Romeo and Juliet plan to leave their hometown and escape to a new village. They plan to escape and go somewhere only they will know about, somewhere where they're families can't find them.

9.) My Boo by Alicia Keys ft. Usher
My Boo is a duet between Alicia Keys and Usher. A lyric in the song goes “It started when we were younger you were mine, my boo”. This correlates to Romeo and Juliet because they were together when they were young. They belonged together, each others ‘boo’.

10.) FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul Mccartney
FourFiveSeconds is a song by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul Mccartney, aa song that perfectly describes the fight scene between Romeo and Mercutio. In the song, the chorus goes  “...Cause all of my kindness is taken for weakness. Now I’m FourFiveSeconds from wildin’...”, which relates to when Romeo at first doesn't want to fight Mercutio, he’s trying to be kind, but Mercutio just thinks Romeo is scared and chicken so he pushes him further. This causes Romeo to eventually kill Mercutio, which relates to the second part of the lyrics.

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