How To Settle a Dispute with 3 Different People

Monday, December 12, 2016

Since this was a creative writing prompt my English teacher had us do, I decided to post it because it was actually pretty funny. And who knows, maybe it'll actually help some people! (and of course I had to uphold the rule of 3's)

1.) Coworkers
 Who hasn't had a quarry with a fellow colleague?. The workplace is a common battleground for many. The usual dispute starts over someone stealing your stapler or a paper hole puncher, or maybe someone stole your yogurt from the office fridge. There's an easy, overused, and unreliable way to make these fights go away! The first step, let the rage ball up inside you over the trivial problem. No, you're not being melodramatic about the situation, and yes, your coworkers are wrong about you being upset over nothing. Step two, take out your anger passive aggressively on your other coworkers because they are just as despicable as the coworker who started this mess. Become the grinch of the office and never talk or show absolutely no interest in anyone else but yourself. Step 3, resent your coworkers for not supporting you in your time of selfish need. It's all their fault you're the bitter person you are, so the least they can do is alleviate the bitterness in the situation. There you go! This probably didn't end the dispute, it's honestly a never-ending cycle. But hopefully, between steps 1 and 3, you will let it go for an amount of time and not care anymore.

2.) Teammates
  Teammates! Your compadres! Your sideline supporters! Your buddies who always have your back and will always cheer you on no matter what because they love and support you! Right? No, wrong! This is not always true and certainly not the case if you're not communicating with each other, sending passive-aggressive signals during practice, and would most definitely rather see them in the hallway as a passing by stranger than spend time together team bonding. The first step, get to practice last minute so that you'll never have to deal with the situation of talking with them before practice begins. Secondly, throughout the season, pray to whatever God you have that the season ends soon. The agonizing time spent with your teammates is so torturous you'd rather go home sitting, doing nothing instead of playing a sport you actually like.And step 3, when the season does finally end, socialize with the 3 out of 13 girls you liked on the team and talk about how much you miss the sport, but not the annoying and frustrating players. Like the first dispute, this is a neverending cycle and will probably start again when the season starts again next year.

3.) Another Girl
 Well, as an overused stereotype it has been said and said time again that girls are much more prone to fight and quarrel than anymore else. Well, there's a resolve to this issue. Many steps can be used to end or possibly escalate this problem. You can subtweet, exclude or diss the other girl, just to show how mad she made yo, and how much she deserves it. Next get your friends and others involved! Like telling your friend to retweet your subtweet about fake friends so that it'll show up on her timeline, since she has you blocked/muted. Post a picture with her boyfriend, or making your header picture a quote like "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at your best". All these show how serious you are and that you're not backing down. This probably goes on for about up to 3 weeks, and then by that point, you're not even sure why or what caused this uneasiness, but when you see each other in public it's either shady sideyes from across the room, or two faced smiles and "OMG, I haven't seen you, we're good right?" shriek. "Of course why wouldn't we be?" "I dunno girl, I just saw some statuses and I was like err, LOL" "OMG NO, those weren't bout you!". End scene.

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  1. This is a very unique and interesting post! It was clever to take a school assignment and transfer it to your blog! I love it!



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