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Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Top Otps and Notps. Get Ready.

Bigby Wolf and Snow White

Snowby is the ship of Bigby Wolf and Snow White. I’d say they’re my most recent OTP because I just really started getting into their ship last month, when I started reading Fables. Fables is a comic book series that ended last year that I’m really into currently.

Not only are they historically affiliated, but they’ve known each other for centuries and know each other so well. They looked over Fabletown as the Sheriff and Deputy Mayor for years and ignored their feelings until they accidentally slept together whilst under a spell. Snow White got pregnant and had a litter of their kids. The time of her pregnancy and between was rough on both of them, Bigbg arguing they should be together and run off with their family, but Snow denying his wishes. This caused Bigby to run off to Alaska and hide for a while until he was brought back to Snow at the Farm where they were married and lived happily ever after.

In the Wolf Among Us they were just as lovestruck, set 30 years before the comic book series, even though in the game they weren’t cannon. Of course there was obvious tension, but nothing too serious. In the second season, if there is one, I hope that there will be a love interest for one of them to make it more interesting.

The fact that they knew one another for centuries and had just gotten together is so cute to me, and they’re protective relationship of each other is adorable too. Bigby is a closed off and resort, and it seems as if Snow is the only one who he can open up to, and eventually be trusting to. Snow has had an unfortunate history of being in relationships, one being Prince Charming who cheated on her with her sister. With Bigby, Snow becomes vulnerable and comes out of her protective shell she’s made over the centuries.

Archie and Betty

Archie and Betty have been together FOREVER. At least 75 years, to date. Archie Andrews is the heartthrob boy of Riverdale High School, and is always followed by all girls in the school, especially Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper. There’s almost an open relationship between Archie and the girls. None of them are exclusive, but Veronica and Betty are always at each other’s throats trying to win over Archie. Betty and Ron are commonly referred to as best friends, but worst enemies.

In my opinion, Betty and Archie are better for each other than Ronnie and Archie and there are numerous reasons as to why. First of all, Betty is a more generous, kind and well rounded person than Veronica. She’s very smart, charitable and certainly loves Archie more. For Betty, her and Archie have a real connection and she desires to be with him. Veronica only ever wants Archie to make Betty jealous, and to have him at her disposal. Veronica is selfish and only thinks about herself 90% of the time. The only reason Archie even considers Veronica is because she’s gorgeous and rich, but she barely compares personality wise to Betty. Veronica has her moments, but she is not a good fit with Archie.

If Archie picks Betty over Ron, they’d be much happier together, as for shown in Archie Marries Betty. They become school teachers, and are ultimately more happier than Archie Marries Veronica.

Rigby and Eileen

This is probably my favorite cartoon show ship. Rigby and Eileen had been one of my favorite ships since it’s early days. Now, on season 8 of Regular Show, they are my favorite couple for many reasons.

In the beginning, Rigby was not very fond of Eileen, he thinks that she’s weird and uninteresting. Eileen does generally come off as eccentric at times, but she is really just excitable and a good spirited person. Rigby eventually warms up to Eileen and starts taking a liking to her. They start out as friends and eventually get closer and closer, until Rigby revealed in Season 6 finale that him and Eileen had been secretly dating for months.

There has been plenty of episodes on Rigleen in Regular Show, but not enough! Many of them have had the theme of Rigby trying to impress or surprise Eileen in some way, which are always super cute. Now with Regular Show in Space, I’m sure there’s going to be way more Rigleen episodes and I’m so excited.

Marceline and Princess BubbleGum // Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball

These are technically two ships mushed into one. I’ll explain each separately. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum are two of the main characters in Adventure Time. At first, in the beginning of the series, they seemed to have nothing to do with each other, that they were just acquaintances. Throughout the show, it’s revealed they’ve known eachother for years and used to best friends even when Bubblegum started to run the Candy Kingdom. They have a long history together, which may include them dating for a portion of it, but that’s just a rumor. They obviously have a rocky time getting along at times, like in the episode ‘What Was Missing’ but they do have their moments of showing deep care for eachother.

For Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball, it’s a little different. In the Fionna and Cake alternate universe that the Ice King has created, he turned Marceline and Bubblegum to Marshall Lee and Gumball. They obviously don’t like each other in the Bad Little Boy, but if their relationship carries out like Marceline and Bubblegum’s, it’s just as cute.

Me and Nathan Drake

Obviously this ship would have to make the cut. I Love Nathan Drake. He is my favorite male video game character, for many reasons that I have previously listed in my Nathan Drake post I made a while ago.

I’ll make this one short. Me and Nathan Drake are perfect for eachother. I love everything about him and I’m sure we’d have a lot to offer to one another ;) (this also ties into one of my anti ships later on. :)

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne

This is a fairly new ship that I’ve been exposed to. I’ve never been a fan of Batman, and truthfully I’ve never seen the interest in superheroes altogether and loathe all the hype the get. But since Telltale has made their new series on Batman, I have been infatuated with it. Batman as a character is very interesting to me, even though it’s said that in the Telltale series they make him more weaker than he would normally appear. Bruce Wayne as the brooding billionaire type who secretly protects Gotham as Batman, and Selina Kyle as his partner in crime who helps him get the job done.

I say ‘Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’ instead of Batman and Catwoman’ for an important reason. Those relationships are a bit different to me. Bruce and Selina seem a bit more guarded with each other, but slowly become closer and closer as the storyline goes on.


Cloudycai and Mordagret

You’re probably asking why I didn’t separate these into two different ship Notps, but they both equally irk me. If you are an avid watcher and fan of Regular Show, you may share my pain. Pretty much all throughout the series Mordecai has been known for his unlucky and continuous history with relationships. He pretty much spent 4 total seasons trying to get with Margaret, and then 2 more seasons getting over her and starting to date CJ, who he then messes up a relationship with too.

I am personally so sick and tired of hearing about Mordecai and his girl troubles. It’s repetitive and is getting old. He even interrupted Muscle Man’s wedding ceremony because he was having another one of his crises with choosing between the two girls. More episodes have been dedicated to Mordecai and his romances than to Rigby and Eileen who are an actual couple. I am so glad that now that Mordecai is in space he can’t be bothered with love anymore. And we also get more Rigleen! Yay!

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher/Drake

Don’t think this is just on my Notp list because I ship myself with Nathan Drake. That’s probably only 30% of the reason. The other reasons are obvious. They’re too cheesey and go through the exact same conflict in every game. Nate does something that makes her mad at him frustrated, then they ultimately kiss and makeup in a cliché kind of way.

Archie and Veronica

Last but not least, Archie and Veronica. This Notp is also not a result of my preference of Archie and Betty. I do not think Archie and Veronica are a good match. Veronica for the most part only uses Archie to get Betty jealous or to hold up the fact that she gets anything she wants. She does not care for Archie 90% of the time, and just uses him for show. Veronica fits much better with Reggie, those two were practically made for eachother.

These are just some of my intense Otps and Notps. I have many more, but I’m just not as passionate about them as these ones. Thanks for reading!

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