50 Things I Love

Friday, September 9, 2016

This was an assignment I did in my AP Literature English Class, and I thought it would be nice to post them here. I wrote more things than I expected after I got creative after about 30 facts.

1. hot pink (one of the best pinks)
2. baby pink (one of the best pinks)
3. gold ($$$)
4. brown (a beautiful color in all shades)
5. digital design (just recently started drawing on a tablet... it's amazing)
6. pop music (I can be pretty into mainstream music)
7. boots (never ones over the ankle though)
8. orchids (a beautiful flower)
9. video games on playstation (playstation always has the best exclusive titles. sorry not sorry Xbox users.
10. music streaming services (thank goodness for not having to buy your own music)
11. New York City (my second home... most exciting city ever, I love everything about it)
12. cartoon shows (regular show, adventure time, old school cartoon network... need I say more?)
13. cartoon movies (especially when cartoon shows have hour specials and spinoffs)
14. recreation reading (when you get to read on your own terms and not for school)
15. writing (like what I'm doing right now... sweet)
16. multi-colored pens (color coding is my weakness)
17. playing volleyball (my best sport)
18. very green plants (so calming to look at)
19. fish (salmon to tilapia)
20. ribs (my favorite barbecued dish)
21. mashed potatoes (not lumpy, perfectly smooth)
22. knowing what I want (I hate being indecisive, I like being certain about things)
23. Beyoncé (you don't have to be my friend to know she makes me happy :) )
24. comedy duos ( key and peele, rhett and link, jake and amir, mordecai and rigby, finn and jake and of course... SMOSH, ian and anthony)
25. comedy skit shows (skit shows like SNL, Smosh, Key and Peele)
26. black iphones (when I get my upgrade I'm most definitely getting a black iphone instead of silver)
27. iced caramel coffee (especially with cream and sugar)
28. dunkin donuts (over starbucks. better food and less pretentious)
29. having no homework (going home and relaxing... ahhh)
30. watching youtube late at night (binging videos is my favorite)
31. buffalo chicken pizza (spicy, but not too spicy)
32. comic book series (have I ever mentioned Fables 37891073 times? I'm collecting the volumes now)
33. meeting people from different places (I really want to meet my internet friends, I've met one of them, it was a blast.
34. macaroons (had my first in London this summer, so yummy)
35. sleeping on long car rides (so peaceful zzz)
36. speaking french (I get nervous about talking in public but it's nice when you actually make sense)
37. getting my homework done before school ends (thank god for study hall)
38. two hour delays (sleeping in... yes. bonus: if school calls back and announces no school afterwards)
39. twix (cookie and caramel with chocolate, super duper good)
40. ben and jerry's ice cream (caramel chocolate swirl, cookie dough or oreo will suffice)
41. being organized (having order is important)
42. jean jackets (I love embroidering them with pins and patches)
43. having a routine (keeping things orderly)
44. popcorn (best snack)
45. living carefree (not having any immediate problems is a wonderful feeling)
46. money ($$$)
47. having new clothes (looking fresh to death every time you walk out = automatic confidence boost)
48. repainting my nails (I have a superstition that when my nails are freshly painted I do things/tasks better)
49. blue (not only Beyoncé's beautiful baby, and my best friends nickname, but also a beautiful color in all shades. baby, navy and sapphire)
50. muder mystery's (such as the Family Guy special or the first volume of Fables... cough cough...)

For bonus content, I also made a list of things I don't like. To not dwell on the negative and focus on the positive I only made a list of 10.

1. icees (italian icees are overrated. not good at all to me and boring flavors)
2. science fiction stories (totally boring, lord of the rings, harry potter, tales of borderlands etc.)
3. horror movies (unless it's so bad it's laughable, but I hate scary movies)
4. roller coasters (the last time I went on a roller coaster at six flags I cried before the ride even started)
5. when people sleep in my bed (my mom always takes nap in my bed because she says it's comfortable... like no)
6. lateness (being late is my number one per peeve for people)
7. spicy food (anything spicier than buffalo pretzel pieces or tostitos medium salsa is not for me)
8. being unsure of the future (I am currently scared out of my mind for college and my future and it annoys me so much)
9. science (I was never good at any science; biology, chemistry, but I'm willing to give physics a chance.
10. being sick (I mean who doesn't like this)

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