Monday, August 1, 2016

It is claimed so often, for the good of humanity,
In a world so abundant with vanity,
With style, with image, with possession,
It seems to me, humanity has become self obsession,
As the need of a few, outweighs the need of many,
In the few humanity, I cannot see any,
And the claims, so often witnessed,
Are usually more associated with business,
Charities, aid agencies, all come at a cost,
The humanity donated, often is lost,
We need to take a second look at what we see,
Before we call it humanity

This poem was written by a street art gentleman I saw in Trafalgar Square in London. He wrote many series of poems regarding different topics but this one was my favorite because of how true it was.

Almost everywhere today, people are selfish, vain and are only concerned for themselves. In the line ‘the need of a few outweighs the need of many’, it’s talking about how people in first world countries, their ‘needs’ become more important to those who may be in a second or third world country. Like military funding in the U.S. that has an immense budget, which that money could be used to give food to those in need countries.

‘Charities, aid agencies, all come at a cost. The humanity donated often lost’. Every so often you see commercials on T.V. or a trend on social media that shows a poor village with starving or sad kids. Other times they show families that were ripped apart by war or a life threatening disease. Some charities more than other’s scam the general public into donating to their funds, but then they either keep the money for themselves or using in another way. Examples of these charities would be Cancer Fund of America, Kids Wish Network, and National Veterans Service Fund.

I am not saying all charities are scams, but for organizations that promise to be helpful and do it’s job to the service of humanity, it’s important to be careful when donating your money. The last charity I donated to was to Trekstock, a UK charity for Young Adult Cancer Support in 2015. I donated $15 which may seem small, but I believe that any amount counts.

Humanity is becoming more and more desensitized and I think it’s extremely important to always stay selfless and be aware when we try to help those in need. God made Man, Man made Money, and Money made Poor.

Lack in humanity can also be found in other ways, not just in second and third world countries. In America, there has been a problem with police brutality against black people, causing a nationwide protest against the killing of the specific race. The trend #BlackLivesMatter is used to not only spread awareness on the matter, but also to show support for the movement.

Many people however undermind this protest however, by saying #AllLivesMatter or #BlueLivesMatter. The movement made by a whole racial group to ask people/authority to stop killing them becomes underminded by people who think they are either exaggerating or playing victim.

Humanity is being lost everywhere, and it is important to try to keep it alive everyday. :)

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