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Monday, August 29, 2016

Beyoncé's was by far the most important guest at the 2016 VMAs for about a million reasons. I live for her appearances on TV since she doesn't do as many lately, but she still delivers every time she attends shows like these.

1.) Red Carpet/Onstage Looks

On the red carpet, not only did she push the envelope with her couture outfit (as usual) she also brought her Lemonade entourage with her, which totally outshone Taylor Swift's model squad last year. Even little Blue Ivy was there, rocking an 11k dress tailored for her during the night. Beyoncé's dress costed over 12 million dollars, consisting of Swarovski diamonds and crystals.

2.) Awards

Beyoncé was nominated for 11 VMAs , including VOTY. By the end of the show she had 8 out of the eleven, including VOTY, and was announced as the most awarded person in VMAs history, surpassing Madonna. Even nearly 20 years into her career she is still breaking records, upholding her legend status. Every award Beyoncé receives she deserves, no argument there.

3.) Performance

 The Lemonade Medley performance was INCREDIBLE. Not only did she perform all the songs with so much energy, but she also changed up the choreography and mashups than how they were on her tour. Beyoncé never recycles her old material, and always to do something fresh each time she comes out. Different song transitions, different effects and different costumes. Don't Hurt Yourself is my favorite song off the album, but the Formation dance breakdown was probably the best part of the performance by far.

From this post, I hope it's obvious now as to why Beyoncé is and always will be the most show stopping guest of any event. She is always the center of attention and for good reason. After her performance there were over 1 million tweets about Lemonade on twitter and the performance. This Queen has heavy impact. 🐝

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