Why 10th Grade the best year of High School (so far)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

As of now I have finished all my regents for school, and I am officially on summer break for the next 3 months. I've looked back on the school year, and have been very happy with myself. This year has been much better than freshman year for countless reasons.

1. Curriculum and Grades
Firstly, my grades were AMAZING (by my standards), and I was really proud of myself. I had 90 overall average the whole year, and I wasn't even that good at all the subjects. I was pretty mediocre at chemistry, but when I took the regents I didn't completely brain fart during the test. I passed with decent grades on my Global and Geometry grades, and I also took my first AP class this year. 

2. Extra Curricular Activities
Second, I joined many different clubs and met new people. I was never really outgoing and kind of an introvert, but I joined a class club and did different events, such as a basketball fundraiser and a senior citizen lunch-in. These activities were really fun and I probably wouldn't have done any of that if not for trying to be more sociable than usual. Another club I joined was National Honor Society, which I'm very excited about. It feels very accomplishing to work hard and get rewarded for it. I also made onto the varsity team for volleyball in the fall, and even though it wasn't a completely successful season, I still feel good for making it on the team.

3. Finding Myself
Third, I really developed serious self-love for myself. I've always had a hard time with accepting myself (mostly for physical appearance), and it's always tied into my race and skin. Of course beauty standards emphasize not only fair skin european features are the norm, but it's also had anti-blackness in it. Now, I've really accepted my blackness and see it as beautiful. I don't feel any pressure from society necessarily to look like what they put out as beautiful. (Of course there's always people who aren't black trying to steal black natural features, but that's another conversation topic). An from me accepting myself on the outside it helps me accept myself as well on the inside. I've never been too insecure about my body, because I'm skinny and that's not exactly something you get judged or looked down upon for. But now since I'm okay with my appearance it helps me to be less self conscious about everything else. I learned to love myself and that's what matters. Of course there's moments where I feel insecure, I know everyone isn't totally 100% confident in themselves all the time, so I know those feelings are okay.

4. Mediocre Freshman Year
Lastly, 10th grade was the best, just mostly because freshman year sucked in comparison. In freshman year I did not have good grades at all, I was more introverted than I was now, and had way less confidence than I do now. Freshman year wasn't very difficult, but I guess I didn't think my first year of high school would be so boring and uneventful. I barely did much of anything that year, and compared to this year, I most definitely like sophomore year better

Hopefully junior year will be more exciting than this year. I'm taking two AP classes and am going to try to apply to my dream school ,NYU. For now over the summer, I'm going to chill, and am actualy going on a Europe trip in July, which I know will be fun. To more great high school years, since this time is supposed to be the greatest of your life.


  1. How is your junior year going? How does it compare to last year?
    I've enjoyed reading your posts and am now following you blog!


    1. it's actually really stressful, especially this month January with all my testing, but I just have to keep telling myself im halfway done haha. thanks for commenting!


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