Woman Crush Wednesday #1: Beyoncé

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#WCW 1 : Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncè. Probably the most influential female music artist of our time. Now 34, 18 years into her career. Worth around an estimated $450 million, she owns her own management label, controlling and directing her whole career.

Beyoncé is a very important role model to me personally for a lot of reasons:

  1. Independence

She is very independent and doesn’t rely on anyone but herself. She makes her own money, raises her child responsibly, and does not interfere in business that does not concern her. Beyoncé launched her own management label ‘Parkwood Entertainment’ in 2008. Based in New York City, and has involvements with television specials, movie productions and motion pictures. I think it’s very important to be in charge of your own life, and to do what you want to do. If you let people boss you around or make decisions for you, then you don’t really have control or free will. I always try to do my own classwork/homework on my own, always try to get my own things for myself. I’m very blessed and happy to have my parents who provide for me and love me. I hope one day to have responsibilities and my own job, which I can pursue and own my life the way I want. Beyoncé is a very good example of someone who demonstrates this perfectly.

Beyoncé at Topshop event

Beyoncé is also an avid feminist, which she has said many times, who donates to charities and advocates equality for women and black people. A lot of her music for one, has strong women anthems, such as Independent Woman, Run The World, and ****Flawless. She demonstrates a strong independent woman, and sets an example for girls who may not be as confident or able to be as self-reliant. I’ve definitely seen Beyoncé’s music used as an outlet among many different women. Women of different ages, of different ethnicities, and different lives, many have been able to find comfort in listening to Beyoncé’s music including me. It’s very empowering to see someone, especially a woman, especially black be so dominant in this music industry and making music as outlets for so many people.
Beyoncé in ****Flawless music video

2. Style

Beyoncé is probably one of the most best dressed celebrities I’ve seen to this day. She always is dressed to point, never seen on a lazy day, always setting trends and pushing envelopes. Beyoncé has her own joint business deal with Topshop, called Ivy Park, an athletic line. She most definitely is fashion forward when it comes to her life, and is heavily impacted by it.
Beyoncé wearing Ivy park in MIA v

Her street style is my favorite, particularly when she is out on dinner, leaving her offices or whatever she is doing, she always looks ethereal, happy and tremendously stunning. There is always dozens of paparazzi pictures of her, not just because she is Beyoncé, but because there are most definitely people wanting to know what Beyoncé wears and her fashionable looks. The best part about seeing her in paparazzi photos is that later she always posts better HQs on her website beyonce.com

The second place where Beyoncé delivers looks is on the stage. Very impressive designers help on Bey’s tours a lot, such as Versace, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and Ellie Saab. She only uses and wears the best of the best, which is why when she’s on stage, you can’t keep your eyes off her!

Beyoncé also makes a lot of press with costumes, such as the nipple-jewel encrusted body suit she wore in the Mrs. Carter World Tour. She introduced the costume for her second 2014 leg of the tour, and it got a lot of press for its ‘provocativeness’. This is another example of Queen Bey not letting anybody boss her around. She did not give any thought to what any of the press said and continued to perform some of her most sexual songs in the costume and rocking it! (Partition, Blow, Naughty Girl)

If I could see Beyoncé anywhere at anytime it would be at a red carpet event. She never slacks in serving looks, always doing something different every time. Two red carpet looks I always refer back to are the Grammy’s 2014 look, and MET Gala 2015. Both are slim bodycon dresses that not only compliment her figure but suit well for each event. The short, wet hair look Bey had at the Grammys with the light green eyeshadow and red lipstick was by far my favorite look of hers that year. The MET Gala sheer, sparkly dress was incredibly sexy and eye drawing. The dress was made by Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy Haute Couture. The outfit was topped off with a high ponytail. She most definitely rocks the sheer style every time, and I always love it.

Beyoncé mostly experiments with makeup in her music videos and tour looks, but overall she rarely has a full face of makeup on. I believe that with her more is less and that she looks good without it. There have been times where her face is beat and she still looks just as gorgeous.

Another department where Bey owns her style is hair. She always rocks her signature blonde waves, which she switches up now and then between a variety of different hairstyles. Whether it’s bombshell curls, sleek and straight, high up ponytail or braids, she always looks perfect. She even changes the color, from when she had the auburn color from ‘Obsessed’ a movie she starred in 2008, or when she would rock black and dark brown hair during her I Am… Sasha Fierce era. Please bring back these looks Bey!

I love when Beyoncé wears her natural hair probably the most. Her edges are very thick and healthy, her natural hair color is beautiful, and when she slicks it back to a pony tail, I’m always speechless at how gorgeous she looks!

Beyoncé did have very long natural hair, up until 2013 when she cut most of it off into a short styled haircut. Many were shocked and heartbroken, but I loved the look on her. She has regrown her hair now to be very long and healthy, defeating rumors and stereotypes that black women can’t grow [their own] hair.

Beyoncé is always experimenting different looks, whether its with her hair or fashion or makeup, she knows what she’s doing.

3. Vocal Ability and Performance Talent

Beyoncé has been in the music industry for 18 years now, her solo career for 13. She still has a very crystal clear voice, particularly because her singing technique is flawless. Some may argue her early 2000s work was very extra, too many runs and adlibs in her music, but her recent album works such as BEYONCÉ and 4, have gone to show her credibility in how much her voice has matured and how her sound has changed. 4 is probably her most diverse album out of the current 5 in my opinion, having a lot of different genre’s included in it. Despite the fact it didn’t do aswell as her other pieces of work it still debuted at #1 and went platinum. Her self-titled album is by far her best and my favorite of hers, selling about 1 million copies WW in a week.

Bey is able to sing long and effortlessly, as she has done numerous times. She is definitely one of the most talented female vocalists of our time. Her technique of breathing allows her to sing beautifully while dancing. I do believe she is the greatest performer of our time. No one can compare to her shows or how hard she works. She has been compared multiple times to Michael Jackson, whose kids even said that Beyoncé was this generations’ version of him! Truly an icon.

Beyoncé is most definitely one of my #1 role models. She is only getting bigger and more iconic. I hope one day to show kids and others about the time of Beyoncé that I grew up in, and show them her legacy.

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