My video game!! :)

This past summer, I attended a summer immersion program for two weeks learning about Game design and development at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. There I was exposed to new game properties and strategies and created my own game using Unity. It is a very, very, very, very first rough draft of a game, but I am pretty proud of it, so I'm leaving the link to the dropbox of the game below:

.exe file:

data zip file:

(only compatible with PC, you have to download both files)

Listening: If I Were You

If I Were You Podcast, the only advice podcast on the internet… hosted by them.

(there should be a counter on how many times I said ‘podcast’ in this post)

He’s Amir, and the other one’s Jake, and if you remember from my post about them before, I’ve been a fan of them for a while.

They host an advice podcast weekly, in addition to creating and producing their own original content. From this podcast, they’ve started their own company, Headgum, where they sponsor and promote other quality podcasters. But enough about their company, I wanna talk about the podcast.

It started in 2013 when they were still working for CollegeHumor, and they decided to do a podcast on the side. Since I had always loved their sense of humor and content, this hour long podcast of their slight off color humor, hilarious inside jokes and ridiculous listener questions became the most frequent way I spent my time.

I got into the podcasts pretty late, while they were around episode 200, so I made the determined decision to listen to all of the episodes until I became caught up. I listened to the podcast while I did my homework, in study hall, at home, on the bus, and whenever I had roughly 45 minutes to an hour to spare. The episodes surprisingly move very fast and don’t really ever feel like they get too long. I‘ve definitely heard podcasts where I doze off for 10 minutes of it and ask ‘Are they still talking?’, and others where they would end before I can even comprehend what they were saying.

Their podcast consists of strong commentary and jokes for their faithful listeners and also has episodes for a wide array of people. They often have guest hosts, who not only put in unique opinions that are sometimes different than usual on the podcast but also bring new humor and perspective into the show. Some guests that have been on the show are Allison Williams, Pete Holmes, Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch and Hoodie Allen.

Jake and Amir really care about their audience as well. They’re constantly listening and receiving feedback from fans and listening to them about being aware of what they say. They also do numerous amount of shows and go on tour every few months, from New York to Australia.

So in conclusion, if you have been looking for a podcast to listen to, I definitely recommend If I Were you by Jake and Amir. They also have a subreddit for common listeners to discuss the latest episodes and shows.

Your Name

When I watched this movie for the first time, I knew I had to share the amazing story it told. Hands down, Your Name is the best anime film I've ever seen for many reasons.

The story was so original and inventive, I'd never seen or heard of a plot like this one. It deviates from the normal young romance story, and ties in time-travel, body swapping and topical humor that makes the film unique.

In the story, Mitshua, a small town girl who wants to live in the big city, starts swapping bodies with a teenage, city boy named Taki. They swap almost every other day, and retell what they did in each other's phone diaries. This bizarre switching continues to happen randomly, and the two must adjust their lives around the other's, trying not to embarrass the other one in front of their peers. The film ties in aspects of teenage romance, emotional plot twists, and cultural references that keep its audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats. The film constantly makes you ask yourself "Are they gonna get together?", "What does that part mean?", "Wait, was it like that the whole time?", and "Is it gonna end here? Please don't end here I wanna see what's next!" while watching. Even I was asking myself every 3 seconds whether or not they were going to get together in the end, the plot wasn't predictable to me at all.

I definitely recommend Your Name to anyone who loves anime film and have an appreciation for art style and detail in movies. The environments were perfectly designed and each character was modeled and designed so distinctly and unique.

The creator and director of this movie, Makoto Shinkai, has been described to be the next Hayao Miyazaki, because of his forward thinking ideas and innovative way of storytelling. Shinkai even said himself that the movie didn't come out the way he wanted, he felt that if he had more time to work on the story he could've made it complete. If this movie is an incomplete project, I can only imagine the brilliance and masterpiece will come of his next full project.

August Word List 2017

Really like doing these, enjoy another list!

abrogate - cancel/deny
blasphemy - speech which offends religious sentiments
enigma - puzzle/mystery
credible - believable
labyrinthine - complicated; highly convoluted
tardy - tardy
reprehensible - reprehensible
harbingers - indicators of warnings
plaudit - statement giving strong praise
abhor - strongly hate
enfranchize - give voting rights to
noxious - harmful/poisonous
placid - calm
remuneration payment for work done
talisman - lucky charm

Junior Year Journal

Since September is almost dawning upon us and college application season is coming up, I've decided to start a new journal for senior year. I always love starting new journals because of the crisp, new pages, clean un scratched covers, and unlimited potential creativity. It's always hard though, not knowing what to put on the first page, or how to make the journal yours, with your style and originality, but somehow I manage.

But because I've already finished my last journal, I thought it would be the perfect time to show everyone pages from my old journal now. It spanned my 11th-grade year and had a lot of significant memories. So I decided to share with y'all a big part of my life! Journaling really helps me wind down, and it's always fun to go back months later and look at how different your life was before, how different your problems were.

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