February Word List 2018

Thursday, March 1, 2018

:( This month was so jam-packed, I'm sorry there aren't more words. Also that this is a little late. I promise to pick it up!

ilka type of people or things similar to those already referred to.

puritanicala type of people or things similar to those already referred to.

Black Panther

Friday, February 16, 2018

It has been a calm and uneventful Black History Month up until this point; the day that a movie becomes a new benchmark and turning point in black representation in Hollywood.

The movie was definitely 10/10, and I would see it again. The action scenes were well-balanced between fast-paced car chases and intense hand to hand combat, the character development, and backstory reveals were very adeptly placed and the acting was amazing! Lupita Nyong'o had the best performance in my opinion, during all of her scenes I found myself unable to keep my eyes off her. She really makes you buy into her character and has you hanging off her every word.

Before seeing the movie, I didn't know Michael B. Jordan's character was a villain, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. His character was very well portrayed, his witty style of speaking and ruthless behavior definitely made him a great antagonist. I always liked villains who had an 'honorable' reason for their reign of terror, Killmonger's being that he wanted to help other oppressed people in the world. In the end, it led to his demise, but he was able to find peace.

Basically, Black Panther is the highlight of Black History Month this year, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go see it!

January Word List 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Year, new words!

etiolatedpale and drawn out due to a lack of light.
banality - the fact or condition of being banal; unoriginality
bromide - a trite and unoriginal idea or remark, typically intended to soothe or placate
inanity - a nonsensical remark or action
arboretum - a botanical garden devoted to trees
facetious - treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor
libation - treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor
exsanguination - loss of a substantial proportion, or almost the whole volume, of the blood. The result of a severe hemorrhage
pariah - an outcast.
expatriate - a person who lives outside their native country.
carnage - the killing of a large number of people.
implicate - convey (a meaning or intention) indirectly through what one says, rather than stating it explicitly; imply.
penance - voluntary self-punishment inflicted as an outward expression of repentance for having done wrong; self-atonement.
pandering - gratify or indulge an immoral or distasteful desire, need, or habit or a person with such a desire, etc.
evangelist - a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching
hegemony - leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others; supremacy
bastion - an institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities; stronghold
plutocracy - government by the wealthy
oligarchy - a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution
fealty - a feudal tenant's or vassal's sworn loyalty to a lord
mammon - wealth regarded as an evil influence or false object of worship and devotion
abberation - a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome; irregularity.
feint - make a deceptive or distracting movement, typically during a fight
domicile - the country that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in and has a substantial connection with.
philandering - (of a man) readily or frequently enter into casual sexual relationships with women; womanizing
cognizant - having knowledge or being aware of
menagerie - a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition
syndicate - a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.
despodently - in low spirits from loss of hope or courage; dispirited.
tersely - brief, or using very few words; succinct;
pandemonium - wild and noisy disorder or confusion
jostling - struggle or compete forcefully for
inebraited - make (someone) drunk; intoxicate.
vermillion - a brilliant red pigment made from mercury sulfide
coalesces - come together and form one mass or whole
congeals - solidify or coagulate, especially by cooling
ritualistically - excessive devotion to ritual
accosting - approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively
lucrative - producing a great deal of profit
labyrinth - a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.
dysentery - infection of the intestines resulting in severe diarrhea with the presence of blood and mucus in the feces.
espionage - the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information.
spungent - having a sharply strong taste or smell
catatonic - behavioral syndrome marked by an inability to move normally
trepidation - a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen.
register -  particular part of the range of a voice or instrument
dalliance - a casual romantic or sexual relationship
incredulous - unwilling or unable to believe something; disbelieving. 
perambulation - walk or travel through or around a place or area, especially for pleasure and in a leisurely way
perdagony - the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept
bereft - deprived of or lacking something, especially a nonmaterial asset
stoically - without showing one's feelings or complaining about pain or hardship.
pathological - relating to pathology
sodomize - to perform unnatural or abnormal sexual intercourse on a person
purportedly - as appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; allegedly.
polyphonic - producing many sounds simultaneously
copious - abundant in supply or quantity.
prestidigitation - magic tricks performed as entertainment.
volition - the faculty or power of using one's will.
indictment - a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime
aural - relating to the ear or the sense of hearing
macabre - disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury; gruesome.
quagmire - an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation.
meager - lacking in quantity or quality; inadequate.
raucous - making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise.
listlessly - (of a person or their manner) lacking energy or enthusiasm.
oblique - neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specified or implied line; slanting
astral projecting - term used in esotericism to describe a willful out-of-body experience (OBE), a supposed form of telepathythat assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe.
pundits - an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it to the public.
provost - a senior administrative officer in certain colleges and universities.
contending - assert something as a position in an argument
decimated - kill, destroy, or remove a large percentage or part of.
rapport - a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well.
corral - gather together and confine (a group of people or things); capture.
rubicon - an act of winning a game against an opponent whose total score is less than 100, in which case the loser's score is added to rather than subtracted from the winner's.
fumigate - apply the fumes of certain chemicals to (an area) to disinfect it or to rid it of vermin; disinfect
subjugate - bring under domination or control, especially by conquest.
stupor - a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility.
hubris - excessive pride or self-confidence.
ampersand - the sign &
duplicitous - deceitful.
unabated - without any reduction in intensity or strength.
placate - make (someone) less angry or hostile.
coagulating - the action or process of a liquid, especially blood, changing to a solid or semi-solid state.
clandestine - kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.
edifice - a complex system of beliefs.
lacerate - criticize forcefully or severely.
tumult - a loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people.
conscripted - enlist (someone) compulsorily, typically into the armed services

Listening to: Regular Show Soundtrack (1 Year Anniversary)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's been one year since Regular Show ended, and I still constantly refer back to old episodes and have been trying to find solace in new cartoons. The show has left a hole in my heart, even though I am excited about JG's new show 'Close Enough' on TBS. At the moment my cartoon cravings have been satiated by the new season of Family Guy, which is really good. But one thing I do miss from Regular Show that Family Guy doesn't have is an amazing soundtrack. The thing that matters most to me in a creative work of art, as I've stated before, is it's art style and music. And Regular Show's simplistic yet elaborate animation style, and it's classic hits soundtrack made for a great show. Most of their songs are old 80's and 90's hits worked into montages during the show. In this list, I give my favorite songs from Regular Show to pay homage to the great series and its finale anniversary. I also put which episodes they were included in and who they were by.

Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
S1E3 - Caffeinated Concert Tickets 

Lies - The Thompson Twins 
S1E7 - Grilled Cheese Deluxe

Hanging Tough - New Kids on the Block
S2E7 - High Score

Dies Irae - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
S2E21 - Over The Top

I'm Alright - Kenny Loggins
S2E25 - First Day

We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister 
S2E28 - Karaoke Video

Mississippi Queen - Mountain 
S3E12 - Weekend at Bensons

I Get Around - The Beach Boys
S3E15 - Skips vs. Technology

Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler
S3E17 - Eggscelent

Flower Duet from Lakme - Leo Delibes (they used this song twice)
S3E21 - The Best Burger in the World; S5E32 - Take the Cake

Toast of the Town - Mötley Crüe
S4E2 - Starter Pack

Ballroom Blitz - Sweet 
S4E10 - TGI Tuesday

We Are The Champions - Queen
S4E22 - Picking Up Margaret

Forever Young - Alphaville
S5E22 - Skips Story

I Ran (So Far Away) - A Flock of Seagulls
Short 3 - Fun Run

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
S7E9.1 - Terror Tales of The Park V

The Future's so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades - Timbuk 3
Regular Show The Movie

Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground
Regular Show The Movie

Here Comes a Regular - The Replacements
S7E36.1 - Rigby's Graduation Day Special

Heroes - David Bowie
S8E27.3 - A Regular Epic Final Battle

Here's an Apple Playlist of all the songs together so you can be all nostalgic like I have been. I tastefully and topically named it "Maxin' and Relaxin'".

Reinvention in 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Whenever a new year starts, it’s common for many people to want to reinvent themselves and better their lives for the new year. They start going to the gym, eating healthy, make plans to boost their productivity and accomplish their goals. Of course, by the end of January, it’s very easy to forget these promises we make to ourselves and slip back into our old ways.

But if you’re like me, and determined to make 2018 the best year of your life (so far of course), you’re staying with your plan. I made a list of what I want to accomplish this year in my journal, which you can read here, but just to make sure I follow them at the end of this year, I sent myself a letter to my future self virtually, that I will receive January 2nd, 2019.

Using the website https://www.futureme.org, I was able to send myself an email that I will receive a year from now. If you want to check in with yourself one year from now, use this site to send yourself an email from 1 to 5 years from now! It’s a really cool concept.

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